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Animal away

aparare caini agresivi animal awayThis latest PIR + ULTRASONIC Animal-Away provides you a convenient, non-location limited, effective and humane way to deter the cats, dogs, rabbits, squirrels out of your gardens, lawn and yard without harming them.

Animal-Away utilizes the sophisticated PIR (Passive Infra Red detecting system) to monitor a fan shaped area of 70 degree arc and distance up to 10m (30 feet) which is approx. 62 sqm (550 square feet) of unobstructed space. Intruding creatures will be detected within the protecting area.

 Animal-Away will send ultrasound at frequency of about 23,000 Hz to deter the intruding creatures once the detecting system is triggered. The utilization of infra red detecting system is applied to save battery energy as Animal-Away is operated by a 9V alkaline battery. With the benefits of battery operation, Animal-Away can be easily installed at any place without electricity. You may mount the Animal-Away to the wall outside of your building, on a ledge or attach it to a post to stand the unit on the ground. Although the unit is weather-resistant, it is recommended to remove the main module from the mounting shelter if storms are expected.

The ultrasonic sound emitted from Animal-Away cannot be heard by humans but is uncomfortable to animals, whose only reaction is to quickly move away.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not place in areas with permanent movement! The activation time of the sensor and ultrasound sender will considerably increase, causing the exhausting of the batteries in a very short period of time.


  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Squirrels
  • Rabbits


Indoors requires dog or cat intrusion prevention

Near pond to protect fish

Flower bed

Bird bath/ bird house to protect birds

Garden, lawn and yard

animal away protectie curteSPECIFICATION:

Dimension: 114 x 88 x60 mm

Weight: 180 gram (main module + shelter)

Power supply: 9V (1x9V alkaline battery)

Power:  Standby current: 0.16mA

Exit delay time for ultrasound: about 25 seconds

Warm up time: about 30 seconds

Frequency: 23,000 Hz approx.

Protection Coverage:   fan shaped area of   70 degree distance up to 30 ft.


Remove the main module from the mounting shelter by inserting a thin, blunt blade between the back of the unit and twisting gently. The module will slide out.

  1. Slide-open the cover of battery compartment at the back side of the main module, install a new 9V alkaline battery.
  2. Replace the main module by pushing it into the mounting shelter. Using screw to mount shelter between 30 - 90 cm from the ground to wall or a post.
  3. Turn the power switch to “ON” A built-in red LED indicator inside of the lens will be lit on after the warming up time of 30 seconds approximately to confirm the detection and ultrasound waves emission.
  4. Leave your Animal-Away on for 24 hours.

If the red LED indicator does not light up within the protection zone, it is time to replace battery. To replace battery, turn the power switch to “OFF” position, repeat steps 1-2 and replace the main module by pushing it into the mounting shelter.


  • Turn off the Animal-Away in case your pet is playing around the protection area.
  • When anyone is in the protection area, turn off the device to preserve the battery life.
  • Do not immerse the device in water or any other liquid.
  • Do not modify or tamper with the device’s internal components. Covering or painting over the front speaker can damage the device and cause it to malfunction.
  • The PIR detecting system goes on and off as the heat-body animal’s movement stop and start.
  • Make sure the lens is Do not handle the lens and use damp cloth to wipe the dirt gently. Do not use gasoline, alcohol or paint thinner.
  • If use Animal-Away indoors, ensure that the cat or dog is able to withdraw.

 PRICE: 250 LEI (shipment included)