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Dazer - benefits and specifications

aparat cu ultrasunete dazerThe DAZER is a hand held ultrasonic dog deterrent useful for anyone who wants to avoid contact with dogs.

The DAZER is a humane alternative to sprays and other methods to avoid dog bites. The DAZER emits a high frequency sound heard by dogs and cats (25.000 Hz), but is harmless and barely perceptible by humans. The sound does not physically harm the dog, only a pronounced acoustic discomfort is produced.

The DAZERs output startles the approaching dog causing most to stop, move away or stay in place allowing the user to avoid contact with the animal. The sound is detected by the dog at a distance of 5-6 m or more, depending on the acoustic ability of the dog.

The DAZER is most effective on unfamiliar and aggressive animals. Use of the DAZER with familiar and passive friendly dogs or your own pet may not evoke a significant reaction. Effectiveness of the DAZER is based on emission of sound and many factors can determine its performance. The distance from the dog, age, temperament and training of the animal can all affect the reaction of the animal.

aparare impotriva cainilor agresiviGeneral Features

  • sound frequency : 25.000 Hz
  • weight: 122 g (including the battery)
  • dimensions: 11,7 x 5,7 x 3,5 (cm)
  • power supply: 9V alkaline battery included
  • handy clip for belt, bag or pocket
  • ABS plastic case
  • operating time signaled by the red LED
  • easy to use - just point to the animal and press the button
  • ergonomic design


  1. Point the DAZER toward the approaching animal
  2. Press the button and activate DAZER for 1 to 2 seconds
  3. Repeat as necessary to repel or stop the animal

Point the silver disc front of the DAZER towards the animal for best results. The DAZERs output is directional and therefore the effectiveness is reduced when used at an angle.

It is often more effective to use 1 or 2 second repeated bursts rather than a constant activation. Although the animal will hear the high frequency sound at 7 meters or more, it is most effective and discomforting at 2 to 5 meters.

Many experts agree that to avoid contact with unwanted dogs, it is best to face the approaching animal, not to turn and run. The DAZER will help the user to maintain a safe zone and avoid the unwanted animal.


dazer aparare caini agresiviThe DAZER can be used in training and conditioning situations such as: quieting barking dogs, keeping dogs and/or cats off the furniture and to re-enforce commands. The DAZER should be used from a distance of about 1,5 m or more when used as a training tool.

Upon the first activation, the DAZER may cause the animal to regress from the area entirely. This reaction is not unusual and is a result of the animal recognizing the sound and its intensity. The sound is not physically harmful to the animal.

Use the DAZER immediately after the command has been given to re-enforce the command. Point the DAZER toward the animal and activate by depressing the button for 1 second after the command has been given. Repeat the 1 second activation if the animal does not respond immediately. Follow standard training repetition cycles and positive re-enforcement practices.


The red LED will light brightly and constantly while the button is depressed indicating that the DAZER is functioning and the battery is good. If the LED does not light, replace the battery with a new 9 Volt Alkaline Battery.

CHANGING THE BATTERY (use only 9 Volt Alkaline Battery!)

  1. Remove the two screws from the bottom of the DAZER.
  2. Lift off top of case and gently pull Alkaline Battery away from terminals.
  3. Plug new Alkaline Battery into the terminals, then replace case top and screws insuring LED is visible through the hole in top of case.

CAUTIONS: Do Not Touch the Silver Disc on Front of the DAZER!

Denting or damaging the silver disc can cause the DAZER to malfunction and void warranty.

The DAZER is designed for use in deterring or training canines. The DAZER should not be directed at humans or used for other than its intended design.

The DAZER is not effective on deaf animals and caution should always be maintained to avoid contact with potentially dangerous animals.

PRICE: 225 LEI (shipment included)